Beginner Driving Training

We teach driving skills according to international standards, providing a conducive environment for student drivers to learn with state of the art cars and other equipment. We have certified Tutors with many years of experience and exposure.

We patiently and carefully stir you towards attaining perfection in driving, gaining correct driving knowledge and instill in you the right driving attitude.


Our driving training packages consist of the following: –

·                     Beginner Driving Training

·                     Advance Driving Training

·                     Refresher Driving Training

·                     Corporate/Group Training

Each of Our Training Courses includes Theory & Practical classes


The Theory Classes are a set of lessons that include topics regarding traffic rules, road signs & marking, principles of safe driving, how to control the vehicle, how to avoid road hazards, how to deal with road users, driving ethics, and how to face emergencies. The lessons will be supported by pictures, films, statistics, and modern educational aids in the lecture halls. The duration of the theoretical training should be determined according to the duration of the course.

·                     Highway transportation system.

·                     Instrument panel drill & vehicle controls.

·                     Traffic control devices.

·                     Traffic laws and violations.

·                     Adverse driving conditions.

·                     Safety restraint systems.

·                     Child safety.

·                     Emergency situations.

·                     Driving techniques & maneuvers.

·                     Vehicle mechanics and maintenance.

·                     Vehicle systems.

·                     Risk management & accident prevention.

·                     Impaired driving.

·                     Sharing the road.

·                     First Aid.


During the training period, the trainee will practice driving, controlling the vehicle, dealing with the road, and more. First, the trainee will practice driving on a simulator to understand the principles of driving, and then he/she will practice driving the vehicle outside. The duration of practical training is determined by the trainee level and his/her ability to control the vehicle, ensuring that the trainee can drive safely on the road.

·                     Pre-entry checks.

·                     Introduction to basic vehicle mechanics.

·                     Instrument panel and vehicle controls.

·                     Vehicle system.

·                     Safety restraints.

·                     Basic driving maneuvers.

·                     Advanced driving maneuvers.

·                     Driving in various road environments.

·                     Multiple types of parking.

·                     Driving in low and high volume traffic environments.

·                     Expressway driving.

·                     Negotiating roundabouts.

·                     Reacting in emergency situations.

·                     Developing positive behavior, attitude, and courtesy