Off Road Defensive Driving 


As part of QGMI’s commitment to improve the capacity of its driver competence and to fulfill the training needs of company drivers, iCapacity Resource Limited was contracted to complete a defensive driving training with focus on light and heavy vehicles. The defensive driving training added to the competence, knowledge and skills of the drivers in the handling of light and heavy-duty vehicles. The training put the drivers in a better preparation to effectively respond to any urgency that may arise in driving situations, efficiently develop the principles of driving in terrain and rough conditions, carrying out appropriate checks before driving on rough road conditions and to understand the vehicle mechanisms in a terrain and rough road environment. The methodology used during the 2-day training delivery was the get-them-involved approach. This process aims at getting the drivers participate to enable them learn, re-learn and unlearn vehicle handling / driving behaviours practices that are not defensive.

iCR recommends refresher training and advanced training to maintain and improve driver confidence and capacity.


The aim of this training is to empower the drivers with knowledge and skills that will permit them drive safely and effectively. At the end of this session participants are to have an understanding of the following:

·         To respond to urgency of driving situations

·         To efficiently develop the principles of driving in terrain and rough road conditions

·         To carry out appropriate checks before driving on terrain and rough road conditions

·         To understand the vehicle mechanisms in a terrain and rough road environment

DAY 1.

On the first day, a classroom section was held to get to know the drivers both light and heavy-duty vehicles, delegates were thought the strengths and weaknesses of both systems. Some of the few activities that occurred were; brief introduction of both vehicles by delegates. The interactive class sought to give general and brief details of both types of vehicles.  

The training covered the presentation of an in-depth explanation of defensive driving based on the course content.

After the classroom section on Day 1, light duty vehicle drivers were allowed to have a practical section on site to demonstrate how they can drive in muddy areas, cross pool of water, drive on mountain top safely, etc to test their understanding for the classroom section.





DAY 2.

On the second day, a test was conducted to access the performance of the drivers after which a field visit was planned for the heavy-duty drivers to train them practically based on the course content



iCapacity Resource Ltd has been conducting several certification trainings since 2016. Due to the experience gathered over the years from consulting, training and audit in industries ranging from oil and gas, construction, telecommunication, mining and etc, we have adopted a “GET THEM INVOLVED” mode of tutoring because, we believe adult learners retain information thoroughly and for a longer period of time when they can interact with the trainer, themselves and with the training materials to create a virtual learning experience that can be migrated to the field of work. Throughout the training session, participants were given the chance to add to their knowledge emergency procedures, off-road terrains and ask practical questions. This called for more practical demonstrations in their various workplaces.


·         Participants can understand the vehicle mechanisms in all terrains such as overheating

·         Participants can respond to urgency of driving situations such as overheating

·         Participants are knowledgeable on the use of four-wheel drive in the L4 position with ease

·         Drivers of heavy duty and trailers have been informed on the impact of reversing into awkward position and manoeuvring with the window glass down and the radio off

·         Participants also have sufficient knowledge on how to scan the road and also understand the dashboard light

·         Participants now have an in-depth understanding in the field of highway anti robbery tips

·         Participants have been informed and understood why they should work(drive) with each other’s safety in mind

·         Drivers for light duty vehicles can now identify water level indicator on their cars for assessment

·         Participants also have an in-depth knowledge on how they can access a site during an obstruction like rain, pool of stagnant water etc with confidence and courage before taking a decision 


1.      Periodic engagement with a competent person to advice on Defensive Driving. This would be prudent in regards to help drivers grasp fresh concepts, constant improved techniques and skills in driving safely at all times.

2.      Drivers must have intensive training on the legislative instruments and the roads act of Ghana

3.      Drivers must understand in-depth of highway robbery and attack in connection with driving security


The off-road defensive driving training was extremely successful as iCapacity Resource Company Ltd was able to exceed the expectations of the trainees, we do appreciate the opportunity and the good welcoming gestures of the company. We hope to arrange an in-depth training for all drivers to correct the problems which have been identified. We also exist to provide for you all your training needs.

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    2 days